Born in Algiers

After the independence of Algeria 1962 return to France
School in Vichy till 1969
University education in Clermont-Ferrand (German and Spanish)
1999 first contact with the universal life energy REIKI
Till 2003 REIKI education (4 degrees) with Catherine Kaiser in Marl and
First seminars given in the same year
2004 education “intuitive clairvoyance” with C. Kaiser
Further healer education with Piotr Elkunovic in Roth:
• Spiritual surgery
• Programmation of healing foils
• Metamorphosis
Protection against nocive rays, microwaves,
electromagnetic fields, etc.

Ascended Master St Germain channeled via S. Weizenhöfer transmitted us his chakra healing methods
Incl. healing with ear / chakra candle and planet singing bowls
2008/2009 Teachings with Sibylle Weizenhöfer in all chakras
2009 Education in Human Design System with Peter Schöber (1st degree)
2010 Matrix Wave with Maria Böhm in Cologne
2011 further Matrix Energetics/Quantum Healing as teached by Bartlett and Kinslow
2013 first contact with the transfer factors, amino acids modulating the
____ immune system which transformed my life quality considerably and
____ keeps helping me, my family and a lot of clients.
____ Christiane Puls: Immune system cells
____.Information available:
2018 BioScan scalarwawe device , quantum test of more than 160 body
____.parameters. (See starting page in German or phone for more info)

Marie-Paule is fond of literature, sports (especially swimming)
and trips all around the world (Egypt, India, South Africa, South America).
She loves animals, especially dogs and dolphins.