Spiritual Healing is as REIKI love in action

It can happen in various forms:

1. Conversing with the interested person some old or new spiritual structures come through and get conscious

2. Letting flow the energy:
- Directly as a form of energetic massage
- over the distance, that means telepathically.

3. By the way of programmation/energitizing foils, water, food, etc.

4. by protecting house, car, mobile phones, etc. against
electromagnetic interferences, microwaves, all sorts of nocive rays

As Gustav Hossenfelder, spiritual healer, says:

“Every bodily illness has its cause in abnormal mental behaviour and arises out of lack of consciousness for the reality of life. Healing is therefore not just about the body, about making it healthy and without pain again but healing is especially about the realization of spiritual coherence of health and illness about the understanding for the causes of illness.
The way of life is for all people always a way of truth finding and of spiritual growth.”